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Kotomi Ichinose

PART 1. Give the right tense and form of the verbs in brackets (1.5m)
1. This teacher usually (read) …reads… newspapers when she has free time.
2. My mother (teach) …is teaching… my sister how to cook some favorite dishes now.
3. Maryam (know) …has known… Lan for over two years.
4. Traditionally, the “ao dai” (wear) …was worn… by both men and women.
5. Would Khách viếng thăm like (have) …to have… something to eat?
6. We are all looking forward to (hear) …hearing… from Khách viếng thăm.
PART 2. Give the right form of the words in brackets to finish the following sentences (1m)
1. She was really …impressed… by the beauty of the city. (impress)
2. The Kien Thuc Ngay Nay is …widely… read by both teenagers and adults. (wide)
3. The journey to the village is very …interesting… (interest)
4. To keep the air unpolluted, people ought to use …solar… energy to create electricity. (sun)
PART 3. Complete the sentences. Use the correct prepositions, relative pronouns or connectives (1.5m)
1. Bob’s father is different …from… Jack’s in character and height.
2. Tet Trung Thu or the Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated every year …on… August 15th.
3. The “Green Sunday” was short; …however…, the students enjoyed it very much.
4. Khách viếng thăm need good shoes to go hiking in the mountain …because/since/as… the ground is rough and hard.
5. Auld Lang Syne is a song …which/that… is sung on New Year’s Eve.
6. We’ll make this beach a clean and beautiful again …if… we work hard.
PART 4. Each sentence has ONE mistake. Find and correct it. Number 0 is an example. (1m)
0. I would like having a new computer. Having --> to have
1. I wish Khách viếng thăm can have me with that difficult problem. …can… --> could
2. Mrs. Thanh said that she would fly to Paris tomorrow. …tomorrow…--> the next/following day
3. I think I will be able passing the exam. …passing… --> to pass
4. Neil Armstrong, that first walked on the moon, lived in the USA. …that…--> who
PART 5. Complete each space with an appropriate word using the given words. Remember that there are more words than needed. (1m)
that written from importance useful it better translate
English is a very (1) useful language. If we know English, we can go to any countries we like. We will not find (2) it hard to make people understand what we want to say. English also helps us to learn all kinds of subjects. Hundreds of books are (3) written in English every day in many countries. English has also helped to spread ideas and knowledge to all corners of the world. Therefore, the English language has helped to spread (4) better understanding and friendship among countries all over the world.
PART 6. Read the text then answer the questions that follow. (1m)
Energy is very important in modern life. Most energy nowadays comes from fossil fuels – petroleum, coal, and natural gas. However, burning fossil fuel causes pollution. Also, if we don’t find new kinds of energy, we will use up all the fossil fuels in the 21st century. Therefore, scientists are working to find other kinds of energy for the future.
Questions: 1. Are petroleum, coal, and natural gas fossil fuels? --> Yes, they are.
2. What will happen if we don’t find new kinds of energy?
--> If we don’t find new kinds of energy, we will use up all the fossil fuels in the 21st century.
PART 7. Write the sentences using the given words. Make any changes and additions if necessary (1.5m)
1. If/ Mr. Ba/ have/ car/ drive to work --> If Mr. Ba has/had a car, he will/would drive to work.
2. Viet Nam / be / south-east Asia/ export / rice --> Viet Nam, which is in south-east Asia, exports rice.
3. Mai/ wish/ can/ visit/ parents/ everyday. --> Mai wishes she could visit her parents everyday.
PART 8. Read the first sentences and then complete the second sentences with the same meaning. (1.5m)
1. Peter said, “I’m waiting for my parents now.” --> Peter said that he was waiting for his parents then.
2. We mustn’t throw away the traditional “ao dai”.
--> The traditional “ao dai” mustn’t/doesn’t have to be thrown away.
3. We have special gifts and parties for our mothers on the 8th of March. We don’t have a Mother’s Day in Viet Nam.
--> Although we don’t have a Mother’s Day in Viet Nam, we have special gifts and parties for our mothers on the 8th of March.

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